Back in 1997, I worked for Paranet as a Techical Analyst. They gave us two weeks of paid training in those pre-2k days. Before the bust. The first week was a corporate training deal required of all new hires. The second was the employees' pick. We had 250 Solaris users at Mobil Oil in New Orleans that we supported so I picked a Solaris Administration class. I enjoyed my training in Dallas, TX. I worked with AIX, Solaris, and I took care of the printing and plotting.

When I returned there was a USENIX conference in New Orleans that we attended...on the clock. I got to meet Richard Stallman, who was wearing a monks robe and a halo. I found my way to the Red Hat booth, got a copy of RH5.0 and an invite to a party later that night. I remember the Red Stripe beer, but not much else.

But thus began my leap from windows to UNIX/LINUX.

By far, I've stayed with Red Hat and Fedora for all these years. It took months to get my US Robotics 56k modem to work. But that's what hooked me. I learned a lot. I started using LINUX on all my pc's soon thereafter.